Terrarium TV App Download – Latest APK 1.9.8 for Android/PC/iOS

[Terrarium Tv]Most of us love movies and series. It is not always possible to keep up with the latest and best form of  technology to follow our favourite content. For a while Kodi seemed to be the answer, the proverbial promised land. Then there was Showbox. Showbox solved the usability and user friendly issues that had always been associated with Kodi. The average users found it very difficult to wrap their heads around Kodi’s functionality. It just wasn’t for everyone. What if I told you that there is something on the market today that is better than both Kodi and Showbox? I have been thrilled about this one from the get go. Enter Terrarium Tv App!

Terrarium Tv delivers the same volume of movie and series content that we have become familiar with through Kodi and Showbox. It rises above its predecessors by providing a cleaner and more user-friendly interface that is easier to navigate.

The first perceived hurdle for Terrarium tv is that it was created mainly with the Android user in mind. This is not to say that others cannot install and use it. Terrarium tv can be installed on your Amazon firestick, Android Devices & Android TV box, as well as iOS device

Terrarium TV - Free Movies & TV Shows Android App (APK 1.9.5 Updated)


The Terrarium TV is really easy to install for an Android device since it is designed with the OS in mind. However, the steps may vary for the latest Android 8.0, which brings in a few changes to the security settings. More on it later. Let’s see how you can download Terrarium TV on your Android device in 5 easy steps.

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  • The first step is to go to Settings in your Home Menu. There is a tab called “Security” , which you need to open. Next, Go to Unknown Sources and Check the box in front of it, or toggle it to “On” position, depending upon your OS build.

unknown sources

  • Now that you have allowed third party apps to be installed on your phone (wasn’t that easy?), it is time to download the Terrarium TV APK file. You can find the link here or on any other website you trust. The steps remain the same.
  • It is highly recommended that you scan the apk file using an up-to-date antivirus software to make sure there is no malware infection waiting to happen. However, many people skip this step. If you’re going to skip, we recommend you at least download the file from a very secure and reliable website that you trust.
  • Tap the downloaded apk file to launch the setup. You should get a list of permissions the app requires to operate. Go through them. You can find what each of them is for in the FAQs given below.
  • Your app will be installed once you’ve gone through the permissions and pressed Install. Your app is ready to run your favorite TV shows and movies.

terrarium tv app

The whole process doesn’t take more than 2 minutes, and you’ll be set to watch movies for free for as long as you keep the app. Cool, right? What’s cooler is that you can get the app even if you don’t have an Android smartphone, like on your Mac or Windows PC. Let’s check how to get that rolling next.

App Name: Terrarium TV
Version: 1.9.8
License: Free
Last Update: 6 April, 2018
Download Size: 23.32 MB
Operating System: Android
Minimum Requirement: Android 4.0+
Category: Video streaming, Entertainment
Features: Stream HD movies and TV shows
Author: NitroXenon (Peter Chan)
Package Name: com.nitroxenon.terrarium


The latest version of the app available is 1.9.8. Please upgrade from your previous 1.9.7 version to get the following benefits:

  • More 4K links
  • More HD providers and URL resolvers
  • More number of fast links
  • Fixed “No Data” errors for people using older devices.
  • Better Subtitles for Chromecast users.
  • Download and watch offline
  • Multi-language subtitles are available

All of that in addition to bugs and errors sorted out.

If you’re facing an error or discover a big, you should report it to the user community on the app’s very own subreddit, so the problem can be fixed. However, your problem might be one of the several commonly asked about. Check out some quick troubleshooting tips as well as some FAQs below.


  • No limits to number of movies and TV shows you can stream or download.
  • Trakt integration to help you keep track of the content you’ve watched so you can continue watching from where you left off, no matter what app or service you’re using.
  • Faster, better links that cut buffering time significantly.
  • Links with the file size mentioned in front of them, so you can manage your internet bandwidth allowance, internet speed and quality to get a smooth streaming experience.
  • Quick updation of content, within hours of being aired.
  • The most diverse range of genres covered to get you something of each type.
  • A very helpful “see also” tab with each show or movie to help you find entertainment suggestions matching the one you looked up.

There’s a lot more the app has to offer, which we’ll see later. Right now, let’s cover the download procedure for the various devices the app can run on.

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Windows and iOS users can download the app just as easily, although there is a little extra process that needs to be followed to first install a mock Android OS on the device. This is done using an Android Emulator like Bluestacks or Andy. There are paid ones you may use as well, but you’re probably not looking to spend money on an online Emulator subscription or buying a software, since the best thing about Terrarium TV is that it gets you all that content for free. So we’ll stick with BlueStacks and Andy for the time. Here’s how to proceed installing Terrarium TV for windows.

  • First, download an Android Emulator like Andy or Bluestacks. Both these are freeware and available to download safe and secure from their official websites. The files are a little big. Make sure your internet connection remains fast and secure throughout the time.
  • Next, install the Android Emulator. Run the setup file and let your PC install it. This might take time depending upon your PC’s build. Also, make sure you have at least 4 GB worth of free memory so your emulator can run smoothly.
  • Login with a gmail account as you would while using a new Android smartphone.
  • The rest of the procedure is the same as with Android smartphones mentioned above. Enable Unknown Sources from Security Settings, Download the apk file and install it.
  • Another way which people have reported to be working is to download the Terrarium TV apk file on your PC, and then install it by right clicking the file and opening it with the emulator. You can even drag and drop the file to the emulator window on Windows PCs. You will be notified when the installation is done.

The advantage that emulators offer is that you get to use the familiar Android OS on your PC. Your apps run like on any native device and you can install more to suit your needs as well.


Roku may not be as mainstream as the usual websites, but it is certainly popular among the cord-cutters and the free-content fans that Terrarium TV aims to serve. So if you’re wondering how you can get the app to run on your Roku, here’s the steps you need to follow.

  • Connect your Roku to the network your Android smartphone is on. It can also work with Emulated PCs by the way, but it’s more straightforward with a smartphone. You need to have Terrarium TV pre-installed on this Android interface.
  • In the Settings option, go to Display, Cast Setting and then to More. Enable Wireless Display through the option marked by the same name
  • You will be able to see all the devices connected, including Roku. Tap on Roku to select it.
  • You should now be able to run the app on Roku like it was an Android smartphone. Enjoy your movies.

Roku doesn’t install Terrarium TV directly on itself, unfortunately. However, if you have a different device like an Android TV Box or a Fire TV Stick, you can install the app on them and use them to watch movies on the app on a larger screen, if you’re interested. The procedure is similar to Installing the app on Android.


Most Amazon firestick don’t have Google Playstore installed on them, which isn’t a bother in this case. Terrarium tv app is not listed in the Playstore. You will need to download the APK file and install it manually. To facilitate the installation, you may need to change your device settings so they can allow apps from outside of the native app stores to be installed. The option is often labelled “Enable Unknown Sources”. You want to have the option set to “Allow” these installations.

Start by downloading and installing ES File Explorer to your Firestick. This app will allow you to navigatethrough the mfiles that you will be downloading onto your device. This is how you will then be able to initiate an installation.Read more about the installation guide on this post, Terrarium TV for Firestick.

Terrarium tv for fire and firestick


Terrarium Tv  installation on android tv boxes will be somewhat similar to that on the firestick, seeing as they both run on the android operating system.

terrarium tv android box guide

  • Install an internet browser on your android tv box if there isn’t one pre-installed.
  • Search for Terrarium tv through the browser.
  • Download the APK file.
  • Locate the folder on your device where the APK file has been saved.
  • Initiate installation of the APK file.


Once the installation phase has been completed, the Terrarium tv app is easy to use. In the same way that Showbox works, Terrarium tv has the movies and TV shows organised per the latest to be added to the catalogue. This is where you would also have the option to search for specific films that you may be interested in watching. The user interface has four options:

  1. TV Shows
  2. Movies
  3. Favourites and
  4. Settings

The first two are self-explanatory. Favourites is where you would store a movie or tv show that you like and intended to easily access at another time.

TV shows and Films are sorted mainly by their Genre, the year they were released, their IMDB ratings and so on.

When you select a TV show or movie, a screen appears, that allows you to view the trailer or jump right in and watch the movie or episode. To watch right away, use the blue play icon that is on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Several links will appear, allowing you the choice of the quality that you want to view it in. If your internet is slow, go with a lower quality.

You can also cast it to your tv screen via Chromecast. Well, enjoy your viewing! And yes, Terrarium tv app is legal. The developers do not upload or store any films.

Terrarium tv FAQ's

How can I install Terrarium TV to my iOS Device?

There is no iOS version of the app. Stay clear of any websites advertising about one. There are no future versions for Apple users in the sandbox. Any iOS versions passed around should be looked at with suspicion. Do NOT download them or you might end up with a virus or malware.

Is Terrarium TV APK legal to use in my country?

The app is legal to use in most countries since the app does not host content illegally. It only collects links to content and makes them available to users. If you think a movie or TV show might not be in the public domain, you can contact the hosting website named in the link provided in the app’s collection of links and have them take it down.

Can I use Live TV or Torrent Movies through Terrarium TV?

No. Neither of those facilities are provided by the app. Torrents are notorious for getting people in trouble with their ISPs, which is why the app doesn’t provide them. Also, Terrarium TV doesn’t host files itself, so it is not in its domain to make content available as torrent files.

What alternatives for Terrarium TV can I find?

There are really no alternatives for Terrarium TV app in the absolute terms, since there is hardly a free app with the kind of content library that the app provides. There is however a bunch of good apps in the same genre that are available for free, such as MovieHDLite and ShowBox. You can also use Netflix or Hulu, though they require subscription.

How do I skip buffering?

Despite fast internet and plenty of memory, some links can be slow in some networks or countries. If you want to get the fastest streaming, GoogleVideo links are usually the fastest ones around. Others like CDN can be told apart by labels like Fast Server and Slow Server incorporated in the link. There are also some links that might work fastest if you use a VPN. VPNs in general are a good option to employ everyday.

When is the next update for Terrarium TV due?

Stay tuned to find out. Terrarium TV auto-prompts you about new versions by default unless you disable it in the settings.

It’s really great to use Terrarium tv since it’s free and lets me watch the latest TV shows that I’d otherwise have to pay for Netflix to watch. I’ve saved enough over the months to buy a better Android. Terrarium TV is a lifesaver.
Terrarium tv lets me have movie nights at home. I ended up fracturing my leg during a camping trip and it was hard to keep myself busy lying in bed for a month. TTV helped me stay jolly, and now that I’m better i still spend my weekends with the app! Kudos to the developer.
Terrarium TV App Download – Latest APK 1.9.8 for Android/PC/iOS
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