The Best Medical TV Shows you can Watch Right Now on Showbox App

Getting too confused with what to watch next on Showbox? Or maybe looking for a new genre that you might like? Well, there’s a lot of variety in basically every genre, to the extent many sub-genres are now deserving of dedicated libraries of their own. So in the next few posts, we’re going to tell you about some really cool genres you can give a try on your Showbox app, with the best content in that genre so you don’t end up wasting your time.

Note: We’re choosing the examples we post about based on popularity and how much we’ve been recommended to watch these series, but we’ve also tried to include as much variety we can in these recommendations. Know any better shows? Tell us all about them!

This week’s post is about Medical dramas, Medical comedies and other such shows involving doctors, nurses, hospitals and operation theatres. It’s a genre that is always finding takers, perhaps because we’re either doctors ourselves or have dealt with a few in our lifetimes. Check out what we have picked for you this week!

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Grey’s Anatomy

The original pop culture phenomenon with a character named after a dirty shade of white, Grey’s Anatomy was an instant success when it hit the TV screens in 2005. Over a decade later, the series has just recently announced its 15th season set to air on 27th September, which is quite the standard to compete with. There’s a lot of drama, comedy and romance as the show takes you through the life of Meredith Grey, who begins as an intern and becomes a doctor and then head surgeon, all the while navigating personal trials and tribulations, office politics and heart-wrenching conflicts that are part of many a life.


ER is another gem, albeit one that shone a little less bright than Grey’s anatomy. Based on the experiences of author Michael Crichton’s experiences as a medical student, the story has all the necessary elements to a gripping drama, and quite a few guest appearances in its 15 seasons. The series ended a decade ago, but it’s still more captivating than a lot of contemporary television content, speaking as someone who only discovered this show about a year ago.

Chicago Med

If ER comes off as a bit dated to you, try Chicago Med. The show is fresh, having released in 2015, and so it is more relateable than even Grey’s Anatomy, given the refined way the characters have been developed. The fourth season is coming later this month, so you better binge and get yourself up-to-date before that!


If you’re more of a comedy person, then this Zach Braff starrer is the best series you should watch. It’s light, sitcom-like and therefore fairly addictive. You start watching it for the comic moments, and then the loveable characters make you return to watch the rest of the 182 episodes. I always say, this is among the top five things Zach Braff has been in.

Saving Hope

Supernatural dramas have always been my favourite shows. Be it Supernatural or something as recent as Midnight Texas, these shows always keep me curious, almost anxious about what will happen next. There was a welcome note of the supernatural in Saving Hope, which is important to the show’s plot from the second season onwards as well as the philosophical underpinnings the show has, such as the theme of remorse and second chances, and how guilt can haunt us.

There are some other neat shows apart from these you can watch on Showbox. There’s Code Black, Night Shift, The Resident; and who can forget The Good Doctor? There’s a lot to choose from, and more being added every month. Aren’t you glad to have Showbox to enjoy it all?

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