Check out Best VPN  Service for Steaming

Before getting started on the topic let us make it clear what VPN is?

VPN or Virtual Private Network, it is a private network, which extends over a public network. VPN enables a user to send and receive data across shared or public where a PC or any computing device acts like as if they are directly connected to the private network. It aidsin the applications that are running across VPN benefit from or enjoy the benefits of functionality, management,and security of the private network. It is like a maze where a private network is created and made to access a public network. It allows employees to securely access a corporate intranet (Intranet is a private network that is accessible only to users in a particular organization). The intranet is used to secure and connect geographically separated computing devices and create a cohesive one. VPN is created by establishing a virtual point-by-point connection by using dedicated connections, traffic encryption,and tunneling protocols.

Best VPN for movie streaming


Hopefully, it should be clear to the readers as to what VPN or Virtual Private Network is all about. Moving on to the topic of discussion about streaming movies on VPN, let us elaborate the entire process of it first.

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In many countries, VPN is used to stream movies as it makes viewing media content online a whole lot easier for users. It allows users to bypass restrictions and allows them to access geo-blocked media content. VPN allows a user an additional layer of security with minimal loss of performance that is normally faced by users of the private network. At the time, VPN improves the speed of data transmission and streaming of media content giving users the benefit without having to wait for items to buffer. The fact is, nothing is perfect, similarly, VPN may not always provide amazing streaming quality, so it is the duty of the user to choose the best VPN service for streaming movies. Users would obviously want a user-friendly client that are ideal for optimized streaming that widely supports various devices. Also, users have their notional priority as to what they want on a service that they would be vouching on. They look for the basics like good performance, reliable and fast connection. Having a consistently good streaming connection is very important for users to view media content online. So, we have brought together six of the best VPN streaming connections for you to choose over using a public network and also enjoying a great deal of privacy.

Listed below are the six best VPN services for effective streaming of movies:

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1. IP Vanish

When it comes to good VPN services we have the lot that is mentioned before this. New in the field of VPN service providers is the IP Vanish. Lately it has been struggling to unblock popular streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. Users can still watch Planet Earth and Game of Thrones on BBC iPlayer and HBO Now even though Netflix and Hulu are supporting it. This service scores highly when it comes to protecting the privacy of users and boasts of good speed. It is great for torrenting via VPN and works well on Kodi. It supports HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, Prime and Sling TV.

It supports Netflix app, Netflix browser, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, Prime and Sling TV. [/su_box]

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2. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is by far the best VPN service providers. Its specific focus on streaming movies is notable through its Smart Play technology. It has a secure proxy service that provides a user to bypass geo-restricted streaming websites. This feature is enabled on every Nord VPN applications by default. It automatically reroutes a users request through an appropriate remote server. A user can stream over four hundred streaming services. The Nord VPN service has been lauded for being consistent and provides an above average speed rate. In this service, there is a Double VPN feature, which encrypts data twice before sending it to two separate servers along with a kill switch known as the 256-bit encryption for supporting major security protocols. It has a no logs policy and a dedicated IP address. It supports Netflix app, Netflix browser, Hulu app, Hulu browser, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, Prime and Sling TV.[/su_note]

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3. Express VPN

It is touted as the best VPN service providers with over fifteen hundred servers that are spread across ninety-four countries. Express VPN boasts of not only a large number of the server but also its consistency when it comes to high speed. With a wide range of native clients like Linux, Windows,and Mac, their service is appropriate for use in mobile departments. There are applications for Blackberry, Android,and iOS. Clients enjoy the best speed possible compared to any other service as they automatically connect to the optimal server. The security provided by this service is great and has a kill switch with manual and automatic protocols to enable optimal privacy.

It supports Netflix app, Netflix browser, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, Prime and Sling TV.[/su_note]

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4. Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN enjoys full control of its own network and delivers blazing speeds to users. The download speed for this service is double the normal rate and is sought after by users. There are more than seven hundred servers located in over seventy plus locations globally. The privacy policy of the Vypr VPN is largely favorable for users as it does not have any logging on a user’s internet traffic. The only time users face logging is in the form of connection times and IPs, which is widely normal. The security features are quite interesting. It includes the providers own Chameleon technology that defeats VPN blocking and throttling. This ensures consistency in the performance of the VPN service.

It supports Netflix app, Netflix browser, Hulu app, Hulu browser, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, Prime and Sling TV.[/su_note]

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5. Cyber Ghost

The Cyber Ghost application has a dedicated ‘unblock streaming’ section. Here a user can choose a server according to the streaming service that faces blocking. It works effectively with almost all the streaming websites. There is a good feature to this service, users can live chat with the providers if there is any complaints or issues. The live chat support has garnered a lot of attention for Cyber Ghost, which is available only during work hours. But, if a user were to submit a ticket then they can avail to the chat service during off hours too.

It supports Netflix app, Netflix browser, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, Prime and Sling TV.[/su_note]

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6. Private VPN

Private VPN is new in the private network provider’s genre but has made quite a remarkable start,to begin with. It offers up to five simultaneous connections on a single user’s account, which is quite the bargain. The application’s for the same is available for Windows, Mac, Android,and iOS. Unfortunately, the live chat option isnot available 24*7 but a user can submit a ticket. It has a good privacy policy for effective use of encryptions. Since its commencement, many such applications were unblocked though most of the servers have a limited option.[/su_note]

So if you are looking for a good VPN service then choose wisely from the above mentioned service providers. They are committed to provide security and protect a user’s privacy. Along with great speed, these services are quite a catch.