Cyberflix TV APK v3.1.4 – Download (Latest Download Links)

Watching TV shows and movies just got ten times easier, all thanks to Cyberflix TV apk, the latest and arguably the best movie streaming app in the market, taking its cues from the recently closed apps like TTV, and making big leaps with amazing content, zero ads and a robust interface.

Where You can Get Cyberflixtv app?

Cyberflix TV is available for Android OS primarily, but you can also use the app on a PC using an emulator. You may also try using a Fire TV Stick or on Android Boxes if you own one. The method for each is detailed in the sections to follow.

Cyberflix TV APK Download – Download CyberFlix TV Latest APK 3.0.11 (Terrarium TV Is Back)

Download Cyberflix TV APK

Cyberflix TV app is available as an apk file. It is smaller than most other apps’ apk files, so downloading it will be quicker and less taxing on your device if you have space constraints to consider.

Please note that whenever downloading an apk file from a third party website or service, it is best to scan it with an antivirus software to check for malware before pressing install. This can save you a lot of trouble, not to mention it is a crucial step to ensure data privacy. Also, whenever streaming movies or browsing the internet through an app, use a good vpn service.


IPVanish giving you the ability to surf anonymously, smooth, safe Streaming and access the unrestricted Internet every corner of the globe.

Download and Install Cyberflix TV on Android devices

This method will work for Android smartphones as well as Android Boxes and emulators like BlueStacks or Andy. For Emulators, however, there are a few more methods that might be more convenient, so check those out in the Cyberflix tv for PC section that is next.

Alright. Here’s how to get this app for your devices.

Step 1. Go to Settings using the home menu. Go to Security, and then scroll to find “Unknown Sources” and activate it if it isn’t already activated. Your android device is now open to installing cyberflix tv apk file, despite it not being sourced from the Play Store.

Note: Android 8 and higher have changed things a bit, where you can allow installation of non-Play Store apk files on a case by case basis. If you have Android 8 or higher, you can jump ahead to the next step.

Step 2.Download the cyberflix APK file. You can google for it, or use the link we’ve provided. Be sure to scan the file with an antivirus before installing. The file is pretty bite sized, so it won’t take long.

Step 3. Run the apk file by tapping it from the drop-down taskbar, or look for it in your downloads and run it from there. The app will request a few permissions it requires to work, so go through them before you press “Install”.

And that’s it. The whole process is quicker than paying your unreasonable cable bill, so you can be a cord cutter with pride.

As we said, this method is good to use on Macs and Windows PCs as well, by first installing an Android Emulator of course. But there are other ways to do this as well, and they’re handy to try and keep in mind in case you can’t download the file to your PC. Here is what you can do instead.

Best used with: CyberPlay media player, available on Google Play Store

How to Install Cyberflix tv app for Windows and Mac OS

Before we list the steps, let’s have a quick word about android emulators. They’re software, often available for free, that you can use to run Android on your Windows or Mac OS, and access apps that were otherwise not available for your device. 2 emulators are generally regarded as the best, the first being Andy and the other BlueStacks, both of which are free and highly respected. Choose either based on whether you want a more graphical UI (Andy) or a simpler, no-nonsense one (BlueStacks).

Step 1. Download and install the emulator to your device.

Step 2. Login with a google ID, so you can access services like the Play Store (you’ll need it to download a media player like MX Player or VLC or CyberPlay).

Step 3. Now that you’re logged in, download cyberflix tv movie app apk to your PC, or directly in your Android interface. Or, if you have it downloaded on your smartphone, use a service like Airdroid to send it over to your PC. You can alternatively also transfer it via bluetooth or a USB drive, though they won’t save you any time as compared to the previous two methods.

Step 4. Run the apk file. Either drag and drop the apk file to the emulator’s icon on the taskbar or on the desktop, or if you have downloaded the file in the emulated OS itself, simply click it and it shall proceed to installation as on a regular smartphone.

Step 5. Finally, go through the permissions listed by the app, and press “Install” if you agree to them. Your app is ready to use on your PC.

This method works for most who enjoy watching their favorite TV shows or movies on a bigger screen. But what if you’re trying to watch it on a bigger screen, like a TV? Well, you can also get the app to run on Fire TV Stick. Here’s how.

Download Cyberflix TV APK on Firestick/FireTV

Make sure your firestick is plugged in and connected to the internet, and then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Download a downloader app from the Amazon App Store.

Step 2. Next, use your smartphone to google for a link to the Cyberflix TV app apk file. Don’t worry if it isn’t the exact link, you can just enter the website and browse on the screen itself.

Step 3. Download the apk file, and then proceed to allowing files from outside the app store to be installed, as mentioned in the next step.

Step 4. Go to “Settings”, then find “Systems”. In the menu, hover over “Developer Options” and you should be able to toggle the Unknown Sources settings to allow for installing the apk file. Note: If you have Airdroid, you can use that to transfer the file from your smartphone to the firestick as well. Airdroid is available on the Amazon App Store for free.

Step 5. All that’s left to do is install the file. Run the apk file, and it should proceed to installation as on any smartphone.

Cyberflix TV apk app is sure to be the next big thing in movie streaming and downloading. So it is best to get the app at the earliest, and watch your favourite movies and TV shows without a break. Get Cyberflix TV app now!

Terrarium TV for Android Box : Installation Guide 2019

In the world of streaming applications where cable TV is not a necessity any more Terrarium TV has evolved to become one of the best streaming applications for entertainment. The popularity of streaming applications is more than cable TV because of flexible timings. A TV Show or movie when comes on cable TV has a fixed timing but with Terrarium TV app users can simply watch their favourite show whenever they want to wherever they want to. Every person needs some TV entertainment irrespective of their age and Terrarium TV has content to suit people from all age group.

The thing about Terrarium TV is that it has a huge library of movies and TV shows all in high definition. Terrarium TV apk is absolutely free but there are a few advertisements every now and then in the application. If users wanted to watch without the advertisements, they simply need to upgrade to the premium membership. The streaming speed with Terrarium TV is very fast because most of the videos are streamed from Google Drive. Terrarium TV app supports all kind of casting devices like Amazon fire stick, Google chrome cast or any other local cast.

Terrarium TV for Android Box Installation

Terrarium TV has such a big library of content that users often get confused what to watch first. Terrarium TV has content from every genre and therefore most likely all the shows that one user likes will be there in Terrarium TV application. Downloading Terrarium TV application is very much simple. Terrarium TV supports both Android and iOS. Users can download the Terrarium TV apk file for android or download it directly from the play store. All the iOS users can simply download the Terrarium TV application from their Application Store.

The latest version of Terrarium TV runs perfectly on all Android devices like Android smartphones and android box. Here is the step by step procedure for downloading Terrarium TV to your android box. To play the video users should have a video player installed before going through with the following steps.

  • The first thing users need to do is simply go to the Google Play Store on their android box and login with help of their email id and password.
  • Users can then simply go to the browser they have and search Terrarium TV and from there look for the apk file of the application. Simply download the Terrarium TV apk file on the device.
  • Now its time to check if there is MX Player preinstalled in the TV setup or not. If it is not preinstalled users need to go to Google Play Store and simply download and install the application.
  • Users then need to go to the downloaded apk file of Terrarium TV and install it on the android box. Once the installation is done users can run Terrarium TV

Features of Terrarium TV

  • It provides entertainment on the go. Users can enjoy Terrarium TV anywhere at any point in time.
  • App has a huge library of Movies and TV Shows from which users can choose the one they like the most.
  • The search engine of Terrarium TV is very strong and by just a word Terrarium TV will show all the movies related to the word that is present in its library.
  • Supports chrome cast and all local cast.
  • The library of Terrarium TV is updated daily and users will never end up watching all of it.
  • All the videos that are streamed in Terrarium TV are of high definition which gives a better entertainment experience.
  • Terrarium TV notifies its users about all the new TV Shows and movies that are added to the library.
  • Terrarium TV offers an option of creating a list of TV shows and movies for the reference of the users.
  • Users can watch videos and even download it for offline mode absolutely free.

Terrarium TV is one of the best free streaming application in the market right now. If users are looking for a streaming application without spending a lot of money on subscription without having to compromise on the picture quality, then Terrarium TV is the answer. Download Terrarium TV today and change the way you watch TV

Terrarium TV for iOS (iPhone/iPad) Download -Updated 2019

Watching media online has never been this easy. With various applications and sources that are efficient in streaming different fields of media, viewing them has become as easy as baking a pie. The Terrarium TV App is among the best-rated applications, where one can stream movies, series and various shows on high definition on different operating systems. The Terrarium TV App is an amazing application allowing one to stream unlimited HD Movies and HD TV shows free of cost. The application, Terrarium TV App is available for Android, iOS, Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire TV, PC, Laptops, Windows and various other Android-powered devices.

The application has garnered a lot of positive reviews and attention across the globe. People are accepting and using the application on a large scale for it has a smooth user interface and is quite user-friendly. The application does not require much of a posh use. It is reliable, easily downloadable and simple to install. Currently, there is nothing better than the Terrarium TV Apk for downloading and watching media free.

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Features of the Terrarium TV Application:

  • Android support: Yes
  • Fire TV compatible: Yes
  • Fire Stick compatible: Yes
  • FULL HD 1080p: Yes
  • HD 720p: Yes
  • Fast Servers: Yes
  • Notifications: Yes
  • User-Friendly: Yes
  • Offline option: Yes
  • Multi sorting: Yes
  • Easy Player Switch: Yes

The Terrarium TV App is quite efficient and comes with a lot of options to explore. It is great for iOS devices and one can enjoy good media to view online or, download them and watch them later for offline viewing, free of cost. If you have the Terrarium TV installed on your phone, you will not need any other application for HD Movies and HD TV Shows.

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Let us give you an elaborate, stepwise guide to acquiring the Terrarium TV Apk for your iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad.
In order to download and install the Terrarium TV App for iOS device, follow the steps mentioned below. It is easy.

First Step

Go to Safari Browser and click on the search bar and type to navigate to vshare.com

 Second Step

When you get to the webpage, Tap On the install button on the homepage of the site

Third Step
Once there, download the needful and you will see a Vshare icon on the app screen of your iOS device. Once done, Tap on it and Open it

Fourth Step
When the Vshare is successful, downloaded, search for the Terrarium TV option and then click on ‘Install’

Final Step
As soon as the Terrarium TV App is installed successfully in your iOS device, Open it and
enjoy whichever media you wish for.

Enjoy your favorite HD TV Shows and HD movies on your iOS device. It is up to you if youwish to stream it online or download it for watching it later at your own leisure. Both ways are available, making it the best application to stream free media, in HD.

One could also go for the alternative way and get the Terrarium TV App for iOS; Moviebox.
Follow the steps below.

First Step
Go to browser and visit AppValley.VIP
Second Step
Tap on the ‘Install AppValley’ button and proceed to install
Third Step
Go to ‘Settings’ > General > Device Management and Profile. Then, Tap On ‘AppValley’
Fourth Step
You will get a pop up asking whether you trust the app or not. Click on ‘Trust’
Fifth Step

Search ‘MovieBox’ > Click ‘Download’ > Install App Once the steps are completed, you will find the MovieBox app. Again. Tap on the ‘Trust’ option on the pop-up and enjoy your free media. The steps are easy and can be done in a few minutes only. Enjoy your free media online and offline. The Terrarium TV App is great for use.

Install New AD-Free Terrarium TV Lite Mod APK For Android 2019 *GUIDE*

The Terrarium TV fan community has been abuzz about the possibility of an Ad-Free TTV version or mod that is still up and running. And what do you know, there is one, and it works for Android and Firestick. And on PCs too, if you have an emulator of course. So get ready to learn how to get the latest version of Terrarium TV Mod APK, and how to use it to play content on your device.

Note: TTV is no longer officially running, unlike the many alternatives that predate it, some of which we’ve covered in a separate section. It is, therefore best to use a VPN lest a link to some content be less secure than one hopes to find. Also, scan all files for malware before downloading/installing, and watch content responsibly, respecting copyrights and age restrictions that may be applicable.

Alright then, on to the good stuff.


We recommend using IPVanish since it’s work best with all top streaming apps whether its Terrarium TV or showbox. Use our link to get up to 60% discount on IPVanish.

New AD-Free Terrarium TV Lite Mod APK For Android 2018


Name Terrarium TV
Current Version v1.9.10 Ad-Free
Category Entertainment
App Size 22.5 MB
Supported Version Android 4.1 & Above
Date of Update September 17, 2018
License Type Free
Download Link Terrarium TV APK


Name Terrarium TV
Current Version v1.9.10 Ad-Free
Category Entertainment
App Size 11.1 MB
Supported Version Android 4.1 & Above
Date of Update September 17, 2018
License Type Free
Download Link Terrarium TV APK


If you’re a first time user, you can proceed with just the simple installation procedure as we’ve listed on the landing page. However, if you’ve been using the app for a while now, and would want to save your favorited titles, your settings and preferences without having to fix them once more in the new version, there’s only a few more steps to follow. Here’s the complete method listed for you. Terrarium tv for window/pc

    • OK so first, you’ll want to back up the settings we talked about so you don’t have to start afresh with this update. This is also a one time thing since it is highly unlikely any new updates will roll out now the app is dead from the developer’s end. You can backup Terrarium TV settings and preferences from the settings in the side menus on the app.
    • Uninstall the Terrarium TV app from your device. Android users can just drag and drop the app icon on the uninstall option. Firestick users can uninstall the app by choosing “Settings” from the home screen, then “Apps”, “Manage Installed Applications” and then pressing Uninstall in the Terrarium TV option list.
    • Now, make sure “Unknown Sources” is enabled. Android users can find it in the settings “Settings” menu, in the “Security” options. Firestick users will find the option in “My Fire TV” in “Devices” in the settings, by hovering on the “Developers options” menu.
    • Download the ad-free version or Terrarium tv Mod APK, as per your preference, from the internet. Make sure to scan the file before proceeding to the next step, which is…
  • Installing the app. Simply run the downloaded apk file, and the installation wizard will do the rest. Go through the permissions, and press “Install” if you agree. Within seconds, you will have your desired apk file ready to use as an app.

Other versions of Terrarium TV Mod apk and OSes they can work with

There are more Terrarium Tv apk files available too. There is one which lets people run the app despite the shut-down from the developer’s end. It works by adding a patch. You can find it on the app’s subreddit. There are also older versions of the app you can get from trusted websites, though they might not run, to study the codes of one of the most successful streaming apps if you’re so inclined. Terrarium TV apk files run on Android OS, and they can also run on Emulators and Android Boxes, on Kodi, Roku and other such apps and devices. But since the app is no longer in development, things can be prone to mischief and bugs, which is why it is advisable to always use a VPN to protect your privacy, and an antivirus to keep malware at bay. Terrarium TV is still undeniably the best streaming app on the internet, so give it a try!

How to Install Terrarium TV on FireStick & Fire TV

Terrarium TV app has been the talk of the town, with a large section of users still trying to cope with the sudden discard of the app by the developer after an enviable run that lasted many many months. We’ve covered TTV alternatives for you to try in a separate section, as well as mods and patched apks that might let you use the app still. But if you use a Fire TV Stick, chances are you’re confused about how to get the app running on your device. Here’s a quick guide to Terrarium TV on Firestick we assembled.

Terrarium TV isn’t just for Android

Terrarium TV app does come as an apk, but that doesn’t mean you can only use it on an Android Smartphone. Several other OS are capable of running apk files, including TTV. There’s the option of using TTV as a Kodi add-on, or you can use it on an Android Box. You can install an Android emulator on a PC, Mac or any other device that can run it, and install the app on the emulated OS. And then of course there’s Amazon Fire TV Stick, which we’re covering how to get to run the app in this section. Without further ado, here’s a quick lowdown of the method, step by step.


How to Install Terrarium TV Apk on Firestick & Fire TV

  • First, you need to make sure the ”Unknown Sources” settings are enabled on your Firestick. To find and toggle the settings if necessary, go to “Settings”, then to “System” and then “Developer options”. With that done, you can now proceed with app installtion.
  • Download TTV apk file on your device. This is easy if your TV/device has an internet browser capability, but if not, get a downloader app from the Amazon store, install it and then enter a URL to the file (you can find many versions on the internet, or look up the one we have to offer on our home page). You can also download it to your mobile/PC and send it over to your Fire TV Stick using an application like AirDroid, which again you can get on your stick from the Amazon app store. (https://www.amazon.com/SAND-STUDIO-AirDroid-Remote-access/dp/B07CZ9K7Z4)
    Note: Sometimes, the URL you enter may redirect you to the website, but that’s ok, you can just press the download file on the screen and it will still continue on the downloader app in most cases.
  • You can now run the file (if your app doesn’t by default run it for you) through a file explorer app (install it if you don’t already have one). The installation proceeds totally like on an Android smartphone. PRess “Install” if you agree to the permissions requested, and your app is ready.

Additionally, it might be a good idea to get a nice media player app to have a more android-like experience. MX Player is one app we have no reservations recommending, but you can also try VLC. Make sure to set preferences in TTV app’s content playing settings so you can enjpy the movie or TV show you’re trying to stream to the fullest.