Mobdro APK v2.1.20 Download (Latest Mobdro TV App )

Mobdro APK is available easily on all the third party websites which are available on the internet. If you are looking for an application which is available free of cost and can be used to download and watch videos on the internet, then the Mobdro application is just perfect for you. The best thing about this application is that it is always searching for all the weird and funny videos which are available on the internet so that all the users have a good time watching them.


Mobdro is basically an application which is known for free video streaming in mobile phones. With help of this application, users will be able to watch and download videos on their devices and watch them later. This application has been around for quite a long period of time and recently it has become very much popular. This application has been able to make a name for itself in the global market. According to people, this is a new age Kodi application and surely it will be taking the position of Kodi in the recent time. With this application, user will be able to enjoy all their video online in the best possible quality on their mobile phones and tablets.

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The Mobdro application is very much popular in the global market and this is why the demand for this application is increasing day by day. The reason why this application was able to make a name for itself was that of all the great features it had to offer. Here we have listed down all the great features of the application.

  • This application helps users to discover and find videos very easily and in a very convenient manner. People will be able to use this application from anywhere around the world and the topics of all the videos are very wide. Videos of different languages are also available in this application which users can watch. There are TV channels available in this application for the users to watch.
  • All the videos of this application are very much organized and users have the benefit to filter the videos according to their need. This filtering feature makes this application very much handy and easy to use.
  • This application also helps users to share different videos with their friends and family just with the help of a simple click.
  • Users will also be able to play different thematic channels because of this application.
  • This application is available absolutely free and this application is also free of all the different apps which give the application a very clear experience.
  • Users will be able to download videos they like and watch them later, even when they are watching some video in the application.
  • Chrome cast has become very much popular these days because most of the people generally like watching videos on the big screen. Since this application is supported on chrome cast people can simply use this application in their chrome cast and watch videos on the big screen.
  • This application comes with a sleep timer which generally allows users to schedule a shut down so that the application is closed to prevent unnecessary battery usage on different devices.


Name: Mobdro TV
App Version v2.1.20
App Size 19.2 MB
Supported Android Version Android 4.2 & Higher
Date of Update December 12, 2018
License Type Freemium
Download Link Mobdro TV APK


Since you have had a very clear understanding of the Mobdro application you will very easily able to say that this application will not be available in the Google Play Store. Since this application is not available in Google Play Store users will not be able to download it easily. Here we have made a step by step list of how users can download the application. The installation procedure for this application is quite easy and all users need to do is follow the steps given below.

  • The first thing that users need to do is simply go to the settings option and enable the option of unknown sources which will be available in the security option of the mobile phone settings.
  • Simply download the free application from all the links which are available on the internet on different websites.
  • When the download is completed successfully simply tap on the downloaded button and let the application install itself.
  • Once the installation is complete the application icon will be available in the home screen and users will be able to launch the application from there.


The best thing about the application is that Mobdro for PC is available on the internet. People will be able to use this application on all their windows computers and laptops with help of an emulator. Here we have listed down all the steps which users need to know to download the application for their mobile phone.

  • The first thing that all the users need to do is simply download the application called Blue stack.
  • In the next step, users need to download the Mobdro APK file from all the links which are available on the internet.
  • Users then need to open the blue stack application and let the application load itself. The application might take some time for the first time to start.
  • Simply install the Mobdro application in Bluestack and users will be good to go.

Users will now be able to open up Bluestack application and launch the Mobdro application whenever they want to.


Mobdro is an application which is very much useful and a lot of people all across the world are using this application now. If you are looking for an application which can be used for Live streaming, then this application is just perfect for all the users. The link to download this application is available on the internet and users can simply download it in just a couple of steps. If you are planning to install this application, then make sure to read this article carefully because this application will help users understand this application and also know how it can be downloaded and installed. This application is 100 percent secure and then is no virus in this application

Titanium TV Download – Watch Latest Movies & Shows On Android

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and such similar names are not unfamiliar amongst the masses now. Owing to the kind of popularity that ephemeral content is gaining over time, it is not surprising that more and more entertainment houses are opting for the online streaming platforms to host their shows. While there are some positives to it, there are some downsides too. For the most part, it is believed that such online streaming platforms do require a proper internet connection for you to not experience the painful instance of buffering. And secondly, more and more people are quite fed up with the monthly subscriptions that they have to pay for these. There are alternatives for you to beat the system and opt out of the subscriptions and the Titanium TV is one of them.

Titanium TV

What is Titanium TV?

The Titanium TV is an online third-party streaming application that helps you watch the shows and series from the official online streaming platforms for free. This is a close dupe for the Terrarium TV which majority of the people has constantly been raving about.

Much like the Terrarium TV, Titanium TV offers you all the online shows right on one click. You will be able to stream all the shows online from the popular streaming platforms without having to worry about privacy and the poor connection of the internet.

Majority of the people tend to worry about their privacy while signing in to this platform but the developers of the application have time and time clarified that they assure maximum protection of their privacy without any inner motive.

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A Feature of the Titanium TV

Now that we have a basic idea of what the application entails, let us delve into the spectrum of features that you get to enjoy on the application. Much like any other online streaming platform, even this one is known for its effortless features and functions which is what is making this quite a popular platform that people are signing up on.

Easy Streaming

The very first feature that needs discussing is the streaming feature which is what the main feature of the application is. Every single show and the episodes you could possibly want are updated every single day for your maximum entertainment. Even the streaming is amazing if you have a good internet connection. You don’t necessarily have to worry about the buffering because the application supports seamless streaming.

Privacy Protection

Next best thing about the Titanium TV is the amazing privacy you can enjoy this platform. If you were skeptical about the fact that what if the platform peeks into the personal information from the device, you can actually stop fretting. Every single one of them is well equipped with proper encryption to ensure that there is no breach of security. This is not something you can be promised well of on the other similar online streaming platform.

Range of Shows

The best thing about the Titanium TV apk is the fact that the application has all the famous shows on it and that too, the complete seasons. With this, you don’t necessarily have to fret about whether or not there is going to be all the shows and all the seasons or not. They more or less have all the shows on their platform to ensure that we can stream them accordingly without any kind of interruptions.

Safe and Legal

Yet another one of the things is the fact that while the whole process of online streaming might seem pirated and forged, they don’t necessarily give you direct access to the actual portal. Titanium TV just links you to third-party websites from where you can stream and view the episodes that irk your mind. It might not necessarily be “legal” but the shared episodes and prints aren’t necessarily pirated.

How to Download APK for Android?

Much like its other competitors with the similar kind of functionality and operation, even Titanium TV doesn’t have any kind of official application on the Google Play Store, so you do have to depend on the official website of the application to download the app.
The process of the Titanium TV download on Android is quite easy and can be done in a few minutes. Let’s go through them, shall we?

1) Firstly, open Google Chrome and type in Titanium TV in the search bar
2) The first search option is from where you can officially download the apk file of the website
3) Click on the website and browse through it to find the download option on the webpage
4) Once you find it, click on download and let the application download completely on your Android device
5) Once the download is complete, click on it and click on the install option
6) Complete the installation process from there
7) Open and enjoy the shows online

One thing to note in this is the fact that since you are downloading the application from a third party website, makes sure that you enable the “Unknown Sources” option from the Settings.

How to download for Windows?

Much like the process involved in the Android, even the same is the case when you are downloading it on a Windows computer. The process is comparatively simpler in comparison.

  1. First, open Google Chrome or any browser you use on your PC
  2. Type in Titanium TV in the search bar and open the first link that pops up
  3. From there, select the desktop-friendly apk version of the application and download it.
  4. Once the download process is done, install the application by following the instructions in the pop-up screen
  5. Finish the installation process and you are good to go with watching your favorite shows on this platform.

Titanium TV is gradually gaining popularity over the course of time because of its effortless streaming an an amazing range of shows. If you have been tired and broke after paying monthly subscription fees, now is the time to make a few changes and get the Titanium TV installed without fail.