TV shows and movies just got ten times easier, all thanks to Cyberflix TV App, the latest and arguably the best movie streaming app in the market, taking its cues from the recently closed apps like Terrarium TV, and making big leaps with amazing content, zero ads and a robust interface.

Get the Cyberflix Tv App?

Cyberflix TV is available for Android OS primarily, but you can also use the app on a PC using an emulator. You may also try using a Fire TV Stick or Android Boxes if you own one. The method for each is detailed in the sections to follow.

Cyberflix TV APK Download – Download CyberFlix TV Latest APK 3.0.11 (Terrarium TV Is Back)

What is Cyberflix TV?

The Cyberflix TV app is available as an APK file. It is smaller than most other app files, so downloading it will be quicker and less taxing on your device if you have space constraints to consider.

Please note that whenever downloading an APK file from a third-party website or service, it is best to scan it with antivirus software to check for malware before pressing install. This can save you a lot of trouble, not to mention it is a crucial step to ensure data privacy. Also, whenever streaming movies or browsing the internet through an app, use a good VPN service.


IPVanish gives you the ability to surf anonymously, smoothly, and safely, and access the unrestricted Internet in every corner of the globe.

How to Download and Install Cyberflix TV APK 3.3.2 on Android Device?

This method will work for Android smartphones as well as Android Boxes and emulators like BlueStacks or Andy. For Emulators, however, there are a few more methods that might be more convenient, so check those out in the Cyberflix TV for PC section that is next.

Alright. Here’s how to get this app for your devices.

Step 1: Go to Settings using the home menu. Go to Security, and then scroll to find “Unknown Sources” and activate it if it isn’t already activated. Your Android device is now open to installing a Cyberflix tv APK file, despite it not being sourced from the Play Store.

Note: Android 8 and higher have changed things a bit, where you can allow installation of non-Play Store APK files on a case-by-case basis. If you have Android 8 or higher, you can jump ahead to the next step.

Step 2: Download the Cyberflix APK file. You can google for it, or use the link we’ve provided. Be sure to scan the file with an antivirus before installing it. The file is pretty bite-sized, so it won’t take long.

Step 3: Run the APK file by tapping it from the drop-down taskbar, or look for it in your downloads and run it from there. The app will request a few permissions it requires to work, so go through them before you press “Install”.

And that’s it. The whole process is quicker than paying your unreasonable cable bill, so you can be a cord cutter with pride.

As we said, this method is good to use on Macs and Windows PCs as well, by first installing an Android Emulator of course. But there are other ways to do this as well, and they’re handy to try and keep in mind in case you can’t download the file to your PC. Here is what you can do instead.

Best used with CyberPlay media player, available on Google Play Store

How to Install Cyberflix TV App for Windows and Mac OS

Before we list the steps, let’s have a quick word about Android emulators. They’re software, often available for free, that you can use to run Android on your Windows or Mac OS, and access apps that were otherwise not available for your device. 2 emulators are generally regarded as the best, the first being Andy and the other BlueStacks, both of which are free and highly respected. Choose either based on whether you want a more graphical UI (Andy) or a simpler, no-nonsense one (BlueStacks).

Step 1. Download and install the emulator on your device.

Step 2. Login with a Google ID, so you can access services like the Play Store (you’ll need it to download a media player like MX Player VLC or CyberPlay).

Step 3. Now that you’re logged in, download the Cyberflix tv movie app APK to your PC, or directly in your Android interface. Or, if you have it downloaded on your smartphone, use a service like Airdroid to send it over to your PC. You can alternatively also transfer it via Bluetooth or a USB drive, though they won’t save you any time as compared to the previous two methods.

Step 4. Run the APK file. Either drag and drop the APK file to the emulator’s icon on the taskbar or on the desktop or if you have downloaded the file in the emulated OS itself, simply click it and it shall proceed to installation as on a regular smartphone.

Step 5. Finally, go through the permissions listed by the app, and press “Install” if you agree to them. Your app is ready to use on your PC.

This method works for most who enjoy watching their favorite TV shows or movies on a bigger screen. But what if you’re trying to watch it on a bigger screen, like a TV? Well, you can also get the app to run on a Fire TV Stick. Here’s how.

Download Cyberflix TV APK on Firestick/FireTV

Make sure your firestick is plugged in and connected to the internet, and then follow the steps below.

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Step 1. Download a downloader app from the Amazon App Store.

Step 2. Next, use your smartphone to google for a link to the Cyberflix TV app APK file. Don’t worry if it isn’t the exact link, you can just enter the website and browse on the screen itself.

Step 3. Download the APK file, and then proceed to allow files from outside the app store to be installed, as mentioned in the next step.

Step 4. Go to “Settings”, then find “Systems”. In the menu, hover over “Developer Options” and you should be able to toggle the Unknown Sources settings to allow for installing the APK file. Note: If you have Airdroid, you can use that to transfer the file from your smartphone to the Firestick as well. Airdroid is available on the Amazon App Store for free.

Step 5. All that’s left to do is install the file. Run the APK file, and it should proceed to installation as on any smartphone.

Cyberflix TV APK app is sure to be the next big thing in movie streaming and downloading. So it is best to get the app at the earliest and watch your favorite movies and TV shows without a break. Get the Cyberflix TV app now!

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