What sets the Terrarium TV app apart from other similar apps is the constant innovation and updates that backs it. The developers are relentless in their quest to make it a better app with every update that they release. There are frequent updates added to it, which is thrilling. This not only promises innovation but also guarantees that the app will continue to improve over time. As new technologies come to the forefront, the Terrarium TV app will evolve with it. Being part of a community that is daring to pioneer in such a somewhat saturated entertainment field is inspiring. Here is to the Terrarium TV app developers. You guys are awesome.

terrarium tv for window

We have picked a few key features that have recently been added that we absolutely love. If we have missed something that you love, let us know. We will be happy to add it to the list. In no particular order:

1. The auto download feature: As a mobile user, I tend to watch TV shows and movies while commuting. This feature allows my devices to automatically download TV show episodes from my favorites lists as they come in. As soon as a new episode is released, my device has them. This ensures that when/if I am out of internet access on my commute, I can watch my shows. Who doesn’t do some hands-free updates?

2. The quick bookmark feature: You may already be aware of the option to create a list of your favorite shows and movies. The quick bookmark feature builds on this idea. When you are on a TV show or Movie, there is a bookmark icon that appears at the top of your screen. By pressing on this icon, you bookmark the TV show or
movie. You will then be able to access your bookmarks via the main menu. Just another way to organize the vast number of content that you are presented with. I know just how overwhelming it can get if left to its own devices.

3. Save for offline viewing: This feature also builds on the same pleasure that we pursue through the auto-download feature. Perhaps in this case you want to watch a movie while travelling on a long journey. Imagine an intercontinental flight. You would want to have your entertainment set. The Terrarium TV app allows you to
download movies onto your device’s memory and watch them when you are offline. Isn’t that brilliant?

4. Added subtitles: This one has been slow off the blocks. The Terrarium TV app now includes an option to add subtitles. This will come in handy when watching movies in languages that you don’t speak or are not yet fluent in. While playing a movie or TV show, click on the menu option, and select subtitle. Once subtitles have the selected
the app will search known directories for the subtitles of the TV show or movie you are watching. Fingers crossed it will also be available in the language that you are looking for.

If we had to choose an absolute favorite of these newly added features of the Terrarium TV app we would have to go with the auto-download feature. We don’t always have perfect plans or the time to actually download what we want to watch. The auto-download feature ensures that we always have something to watch on our device, offline when we need it the

most. There is nothing more annoying than not having an internet connection while traveling. Add the lack of entertainment to that, and it becomes unbearable.