Pros and Cons of Solar Energy and Solar Panels

Solar panels and Solar Energy are getting a lot of limelight nowadays because it helps in providing a renewable source of energy and it is very efficient and cost effective in the long run as well. Most of the houses and companies are utilizing the solar panel for gaining the electricity by ditching their old traditional ways of electricity. It is very important to understand every bit of solar panel and analyze the advantages and drawbacks that you might have to face in the journey of using solar panels. There are several reasons which are responsible for the revolution that is brought by the solar panel into the field of energy and some of them are discussed in detail below

Benefits of solar panel

  1. New improvement and advancements have been incorporated into the technology that is used in the industry of solar power generation. In order to increase the solar panel effectiveness, new innovations in the nanotechnology and quantum physics are used for potentially increasing it and to increase the output energy by double or triple.
  2. The cost that is related to maintaining the solar system is very less so you can easily keep it clean and do some check up for one to two times every year. There are several cleaning companies who are going to provide you with specialized services.
  3. After a span of 5 to 10 years, you will have to change the inverter as it is working continuously for converting the solar energy into the electricity. You should also maintain the cable because it requires maintenance for ensuring that the system of solar power plant is running optimally with maximum efficiency.
  4. The application of solar energy is quite diverse because one can easily use it for generating heat and electricity. It will not only help in producing electricity, but it will also help in powering the satellites in the space to distilling waters in the region that are having limited access to clean water.
  5. Solar energies are very much preferable nowadays because it helps in providing a renewable source of energy, unlike other sources. All you have to do is install the solar panel by spending some installation charge and then you will be saving a lot and it is quite an environmental-friendly scheme.

Drawbacks Related to Solar Panel

  1. The cost of installing the solar panel in the first place will be fairly high. There is are several governments who are adopting new schemes in order to encourage people to adopt this renewable energy source. Because of the development in the spectrum of solar technologies, in the near future, the prices of initial installation is going to get reduced and moreover the money that you are going to save in the long run is going to outrun the cost that you are spending in the beginning.
  2. You will be needing sunlight for charging the solar panel so during the night time it won’t be able to capture any energy, but during the daytime, it can even charge itself with the lowest beam of sunlight. Most of the people who are aware of this fact does not consider this particular functionality to be a drawback. You can also use the energy from the grid when you need during the night.
  3. Depending on the requirement of electricity you will have to decide the space that you will be assigned for the solar panel. If you are collecting the sunlight for providing energy to huge buildings or places, then you will be needing a huge space as well. You can easily install the panel in the yard, but you will have to make sure that it is getting the sunlight that is needed for charging it. If you have a few energy needs, then you can definitely opt for a few solar panels.
  4. When it comes to pollution which is created from the system of solar energy it is much lesser when compared to other energy sources but still, solar energy can lead to certain pollution. This pollution will arise from the transportation or the installation of the solar system and it is also associated with greenhouse gas emission. During the process of manufacturing the solar photovoltaic, some toxic and hazardous materials are used.
  5. Solar energies use large batteries for storing the energy and it is also used in the grid system where it is charged during the daytime and that energy will be used at night time. It is one of the best solutions when it comes to using solar energy everyday but it can also become quite expensive. So it is always a smart idea to opt for solar energy in daytime because the energy demand during that time is much higher.

This is an overview of the solar panels and how it is bringing a drastic change in the way people are utilizing energy.

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