Best Terrarium TV Alternatives for Free Movies & TV Shows

Now that NitroXenon has dismantled Terrarium TV for good, and there is at least some confirmation that it isn’t returning, people have been looking for alternatives to Terrarium TV. Quite a few recommendations have been offered all over the internet, and to be honest, not all of them are good. So we tried to collect the best TTV Alternatives we found.

No app really measures up to Terrarium TV, which is why the app that many had proclaimed to be the end of Showbox coming down while Showbox still stands is a cruel joke to many. Nevertheless, these following apps made the cut because they excelled in one or another aspect of movie streaming. Let’s begin.

terrarium tv alternative

Best Terrarium TV Alternative

1. Tea TV

teatv app download

Complete with a Trakt link that is then able to suggest you show you might enjoy, Tea TV is a pretty nice replacement for Terrarium TV. It is reasonably quick like TTV was, it runs most of the episodes we tried, which is why we list it before other apps. Coming to TTV alternatives, one finds that a lot of apps list content but don’t have a running link to a stream, though torrent downloads are usually available. Tea TV is a good app to bet on if you want to avoid that problem.

2. Kodi, mainly the Gaia add-on

Kodi app

Gaia is an add-on available for Kodi, which can be used similarly to Terrarium TV. PC users might find this especially helpful since it can let you stream to bigger screens easier than most other alternatives suggested. Kodi itself is quite the geek stat booster, so all you folks trying to pass a Mr. Robot vibe, it might help to get Kodi and install Gaia and any more add-ons you might fancy.

Plus there are skins on Kodi which make the whole movie-streaming experience a lot more customizable with respect to looks than even Terrarium TV would offer. Note however that you’ll need a Real Debrid account to actually get the content, and it comes with a subscription fee, though it also eliminates any need to subscribe to any other app or service.

3. Showbox App( Not Working)


Ah yes, the cruel irony that ShowBox finds mention as an alternative to Terrarium TV, given TTV was projected to be the “ShowBox Killer”. But looking at it Objectively, ShowBox has come a long way since the time of TTV’s infancy when user sentiment against the app was arguably the highest.

The links to torrenting virtually all TV shows and movies are available, though watching popular content via streaming is sometimes slow, and often unavailable. ShowBox’s developers for some reason still haven’t figured out that the app doesn’t need to open on the “News” page by default, but hey, I guess it lets you stream, so give it a second chance?

4. Cinema APK

cinema apk

Cinema APK is almost a poor man’s ShowBox, but it streams and downloads movies just as well as Terrarium TV. The app is simple to use, works well with VPNs and the content is of admirable quality. Much like TTV, there is subtitle integration, and you can watch trailers as well, but the app is a little too flushed with ads. The app also has Real Debrid integration along with Trakt TV linking.

5. Stremio


The great thing about Stremio is that it works with virtually all OSes you can think of, including PCs and iOS devices, apart from the usual Android smartphones that a large section of this sort of app usually caters to. What’s more, the app is available not as an APK file you must jam into your phone, but on the official app stores of both Apple and Android. You can sync content from your Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts to your app, but if you’re looking for free content or want to get a movie or TV show episode you can’t find on your paid accounts, Stremio can help you search the web or specific websites, and with Facebook, it becomes incredibly easy to log in on a new device and continue watching from where you left off. If there were one app we’d have to recommend, it’d be Stremio. The lack of Real Debrid support doesn’t bother you in the least.

6. Popcorn time

popcorn time

Popcorn Time has been around almost the same time as ShowBox, but it has never really picked up except in some countries. You might find certain content lacking though, and the app has been reported to be slow for a few users, but it is definitely worth a try. The app works the same way as ShowBox, and it has improved in a few ways in my opinion since I last tried it, before I switched to Terrarium TV. The app’s design and interface is really its calling card, in all other ways it is a ShowBox by another name.

7. Freeflix hq

freeflix hq

Freeflix HQ looks almost completely like Terrarium TV. And while it still has a short distance to go to be a worthy match to Terrarium TV, it is still pretty cool in the content and execution. It works on Mac OS and Windows as well, along with Android smartphones, but please be sure about your Android’s processor so you can download the proper version (Don’t worry, just find out if it is an Intel processor or another, and if it is Intel, get the x86 version). Downloading is kind of like saving offline, which is not a format I am a fan of, but the design and execution might have a nostalgic value for many a TTV fan who are upset at the loss of their streaming companion. It is like a TTV upgrade that never saw the light of day.

There are other options as well. There’s Kokotime which runs Real Debrid, an app called Leon Flix which is available for PCs only (Mac, Windows, and Linux), Android support which might be out soon, and of course, there is the option to just subscribe to Amazon Prime or Hulu or Netflix, since services like Real Debrid do cost some money, so it might not be all that expensive to get a mainstream connection.

Terrarium TV Alternatives [FAQs]

1. What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is a service you can subscribe to at about $10 per month to get content from a variety of sources to download without any restrictions or having to navigate a hundred websites. It comes in handy in streaming and downloading content quickly, and playing things effortlessly on your devices, such as through apps or Kodi add-ons, or just to add to the potential of other apps that might serve similar purposes to make doubly sure that the content you want will be available to you.

2. Is there some way to still use Terrarium TV?

There were patches and fixes that we were able to let you run the Terrarium TV app a few days ago, but they’re not really working (anymore?) as of writing this (or at least the ones we tried). There are efforts to revive the app but it is not sure how successful they’re going to be. Till such an app surfaces, there are other great apps you can use that we’ve listed above.

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