Terrarium Tv App (Latest Apk v1.9.10) Download Free HD Movies & TV Shows Online in 2021

Terrarium TV APK is the best option when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows in HD. It is free to install and play, and you need only have a good Wifi or Mobile data connection to enjoy your movies to the fullest. You can get the Terrarium TV app on a Third-party website and use it to watch content on Android, Windows, FireTV, , Android Box among others. If you’re looking for an amazing movie app, and especially a streaming app for Android devices, you won’t be able to find one better than Terrarium TV.

We’ll also tell you about Terrarium TV mod apk and whether they’re any good, plus a few alternatives if you cannot access the app following recent updates.

Terrarium TV isn’t working anymore for a lot of people after an update from the app’s developer knocked the app cold. While there are some efforts being made in an attempt to revive the app, including a patch or a fix, and a mod apk file being shared on forums, it might be easier for many to switch to some established alternative app for your entertainment fix, at least temporarily.

The app will take a while to be revived if it does ever revive like we’re hoping. Till then, we’ve collected and reviewed a few choices for you to consider, based on common parameters such as streaming ability, availability of downloads, content quality, speed, and interface considerations, with a few technical details to better inform us of course.

We’ve compiled a few FAQs at the very end too, so be sure to go through those as well.


There’s a great bunch of features Terrarium TV has to offer to you. Here’s a quick list of the best among them

  • The quickest updates to the watch-list so you don’t miss out the most recent episodes of TV shows you enjoy
  • 4 player formats supported in the app so you can enjoy seamless entertainment.
  • Fewer ads when compared to any other movie streaming app.
  • Season specials tabled along with the seasons themselves
  • Subtitle support which is frankly beyond reproach, especially if you use MX Player with the content which lets to correct any minor differences in the syncing.


Where can you download terrarium tv movie app from? Not from an official app store on either Android or iOS or any other OS. Instead, you can get your app as an APK file from the internet, and install it on your device with some necessary tweaks, completely safe. We have collected the procedures in the paragraphs to come, and also included ways you can employ the app that you won’t find anywhere else.

We’d love to answer any questions we can, so be sure to drop us a line. Click on the given links to check Installation guides for multiple devices.


Even if you’re not too keen to download the app on your Android device specifically, this method is the core of downloading any APK file, and that includes the Terrarium TV APK file that we’re going to install presently. So you might have to come back to this heading when you Install Terrarium TV for Android Box, Windows PC via emulator or other devices.

Step 1: Download APK File

You can get the file online, through many third party websites. The app is free to download and install, and the whole process barely takes a minute. Click the link on this website to download the apk, or Google for the apk file and get it from any other website you trust.

Note: It is crucial to scan the file for virus or malware using a proper Anti-virus program, which is up-to-date. Even when downloading from trusted sites, malware like worms can creep in and affect your device. IF you don’t have an antivirus on your smartphone, download it on a device that does and transfer the file to your Android.

Step 2: Altering the settings

Your smartphone comes with the default setting to not allow apk files to install on your system when they’re sourced from outside of the Play Store. Since we’re downloading the apk file from a third party website, we need to tweak this setting first.

If you have an Android Marshmallow or a lower version, you can follow the steps below

  • Open Settings from the home menu
  • Go to Security in the list of options
  • Scroll to find the “Unknown Sources” option and toggle it on.
  • You can now install the apk file.

If you have Android Nougat, Oreo, or a subsequent version, you should be able to enable the installation for this particular apk file specifically. This is a security boost included in these OS. And finally, the actual installation…

Step 3: Installing the APK file

You can tap the downloaded file to run it, or look it up in your downloads folder or wherever you have stored it. The screen will shift to a menu that lists the permissions the app demands, and you can agree to them after going through them thoroughly to install the app.

installation terrarium tv

The app only takes about a minute to install, and it is ready to use immediately after. Check out the features at the end of this post to know what all you can do with it.


Using Terrarium TV on your Windows PC or Laptop is possible, but be sure you have enough free space on your device before you attempt this method.

terrarium tv for window

You can use an Android emulator, a common choice among people who use android apps on PCs, or you can use a virtual machine instead, such as VMware. Here’s how to use an Android Emulator. We recommend using BlueStacks, though Andy is great too.

Step 1. Download BlueStacks on your PC.

The software is available for free on the official website. It is a comparatively small file, which makes it pretty quick to download on an average internet connection.

Step 2. Download APK file from the internet.

Again, remember to scan it for viruses before proceeding with installation.

Step 3. Install BlueStacks and login with a gmail account

Logging in is crucial to access Google’s services such as the Play Store (You might prefer to watch your content on MX Player) or YouTube (to watch the trailers in the TTV app)

Step 4. Drag and drop the apk file onto the Bluestacks icon

This should prompt the app to install the file. You can forget about the installation once you’ve queued it. You will receive a notification once the installation is complete. You can then access the app from the main screen on Bluestacks.

Note: Bluestacks works for Windows 7 and above, provided you have at least 2 GB memory lying free in the system.


terrarium tv fire tv firestick

Firestick is really gaining popularity as the cord cutter cult takes over the way we tackle our entertainment needs. Terrarium TV being the easiest way to stream movies free makes sense to be installed on your Fire TV stick as well, so you can add to the variety that Amazon Prime offers. Here’s one method that’s really easy to use to get Terrarium tv on Firestick. Also, you can also use this for Android and Android TV Box, if their own methods aren’t all that pleasing to you.

  • Install Airdroid on your smartphone or PC, and on the Firestick. Airdroid is a really great app that lets you transfer files seamlessly from one device to another, as well as check notifications, stream the screen, and otherwise manage your devices remotely. You may uninstall it after you’ve used it to install Terrarium TV, however.
  • Connect the Fire Stick and your other device to the same wifi network. Share the APK file to the Firestick after downloading it to your other device.
  • You can now use Airdroid to install the file on your Firestick. The interface is the familiar one you’ve seen while installing any other app via an apk file. Your Firestick should be ready to run Terrarium TV in seconds.

You should be able to find Terrarium TV app in the home menu interface where you launch any other app or service on your Firestick.



Unfortunately, iOS cannot install the app since there is neither an Apple version available anywhere, nor can it install apk files. Some suggest using an Android emulator for iOS, but none are comfortable or quick enough in their running speed, including popular choices like Cydia’s android. Instead, we recommend using alternatives to Terrarium TV available for iOS, such as MovieBox (via Vshare) or Amazon Prime or you can watch free movies without downloading. Macs can use VMware and BlueStacks though.


Chromecast lets you stream movies and TV shows to the big screen. It is easy to connect to, and pretty efficient as a means to access entertainment. Here’s how you can use Chromecast on Terrarium TV.

Step 1: Connect the ChromeCast device with your own. You can use a pre-installed app, or install AllCast or LocalCast on your devices to connect easily.

Step 2: Run a movie or TV show on your Terrarium TV app.

Step 3: Use the cast option to access the media through a casting app.

Step 4: Choose the device in the list of options displayed on the screen, and let the media play.

Alternatively, you can also use the “Play With…” option when you open a link to play your content, and use it with AllCast or LocalCast. The app will connect to the ChromeCast device and you should be able to play the content effortlessly. You can check the complete guide to install on Chromecast.

This technique works best, in our experience, with MX Player running the content instead of any other app or player format.


Roku cannot play apk files as apps on its Linux based interface, which makes Terrarium TV apk download useless in this case. There are, however, a few ways to get your movies playing on Roku using the Terrarium TV app. One is the commonly used screen mirroring, and the other is using a screen casting app like LocalCast or AllCast that we’ve covered in the Chromecast section above.

Some users report their content pausing to buffer frequently when using screencasting apps. This can be remedied by using a faster internet connection, or downloading the movie beforehand and playing it on the big screen using a screencasting app. Check this guide to install on Roku devices.


My Terrarium TV app shows a black screen. What’s wrong?

Do you use an ad-blocker? Chances are it is preventing an ad from displaying, but not in the most convenient way. Try using a different setting on the ad-blocker, or a different ad-blocker app altogether.

I can’t find links to the movie I want to watch on the movie’s page in the app

Chances are the movie hasn’t yet made it to the internet, which can be due to recent release or low demand. While the second case cannot be remedied, you can often wait for a day or two for a good number of links to show up, and little time further on to watch the movie in HD prints.

Is TTV APK legal ?

The app is legal to use in most countries since the app does not host content illegally. It only collects links to content and makes them available to users. If you think a movie or TV show might not be in the public domain, you can contact the hosting website named in the link provided in the app’s collection of links and have them take it down.

Can I use Live TV or Torrent Movies through Terrarium TV APK?

No. Neither of those facilities are provided by the app. Torrents are notorious for getting people in trouble with their ISPs, which is why the app doesn’t provide them. Also, Terrarium TV doesn’t host files itself, so it is not in its domain to make content available as torrent files.

What alternatives for Terrarium TV can I find?

There are really no alternatives for Terrarium TV app in the absolute terms, since there is hardly a free app with the kind of content library that the app provides. There is however a bunch of good apps in the same genre that are available for free, such as MovieHDLite and Showbox. You can also use Netflix or Hulu, though they require subscription.

How do I skip buffering?

Despite the fast internet and plenty of memory, some links can be slow in some networks or countries. If you want to get the fastest streaming, GoogleVideo links are usually the fastest ones around. Others like CDN can be told apart by labels like Fast Server and Slow Server incorporated in the link. There are also some links that might work fastest if you use a VPN. VPNs in general are a good option to employ every day.

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