Terrarium TV app has been the talk of the town, with a large section of users still trying to cope with the sudden discard of the app by the developer after an enviable run that lasted many many months. We’ve covered TTV alternatives for you to try in a separate section, as well as mods and patched apks that might let you use the app still. But if you use a Fire TV Stick, chances are you’re confused about how to get the app running on your device. Here’s a quick guide to Terrarium TV on Firestick we assembled.

Terrarium TV isn’t just for Android

Terrarium TV app does come as an apk, but that doesn’t mean you can only use it on an Android Smartphone. Several other OS are capable of running apk files, including TTV. There’s the option of using TTV as a Kodi add-on, or you can use it on an Android Box. You can install an Android emulator on a PC, Mac or any other device that can run it, and install the app on the emulated OS. And then of course there’s Amazon Fire TV Stick, which we’re covering how to get to run the app in this section. Without further ado, here’s a quick lowdown of the method, step by step.


How to Install Terrarium TV Apk on Firestick & Fire TV

  • First, you need to make sure the ”Unknown Sources” settings are enabled on your Firestick. To find and toggle the settings if necessary, go to “Settings”, then to “System” and then “Developer options”. With that done, you can now proceed with app installtion.
  • Download TTV apk file on your device. This is easy if your TV/device has an internet browser capability, but if not, get a downloader app from the Amazon store, install it and then enter a URL to the file (you can find many versions on the internet, or look up the one we have to offer on our home page). You can also download it to your mobile/PC and send it over to your Fire TV Stick using an application like AirDroid, which again you can get on your stick from the Amazon app store. (https://www.amazon.com/SAND-STUDIO-AirDroid-Remote-access/dp/B07CZ9K7Z4)
    Note: Sometimes, the URL you enter may redirect you to the website, but that’s ok, you can just press the download file on the screen and it will still continue on the downloader app in most cases.
  • You can now run the file (if your app doesn’t by default run it for you) through a file explorer app (install it if you don’t already have one). The installation proceeds totally like on an Android smartphone. PRess “Install” if you agree to the permissions requested, and your app is ready.

Additionally, it might be a good idea to get a nice media player app to have a more android-like experience. MX Player is one app we have no reservations recommending, but you can also try VLC. Make sure to set preferences in TTV app’s content playing settings so you can enjpy the movie or TV show you’re trying to stream to the fullest.