Terrarium TV for Android Box | Installation Guide 2020

In the world of streaming applications where cable TV is not a necessity any more Terrarium TV has evolved to become one of the best streaming applications for entertainment. The popularity of streaming applications is more than cable TV because of flexible timings. A TV Show or movie when comes on cable TV has a fixed timing but with Terrarium TV app users can simply watch their favourite show whenever they want to wherever they want to. Every person needs some TV entertainment irrespective of their age and Terrarium TV has content to suit people from all age group.

The thing about Terrarium TV is that it has a huge library of movies and TV shows all in high definition. Terrarium TV apk is absolutely free but there are a few advertisements every now and then in the application. If users wanted to watch without the advertisements, they simply need to upgrade to the premium membership. The streaming speed with Terrarium TV is very fast because most of the videos are streamed from Google Drive. Terrarium TV app supports all kind of casting devices like Amazon fire stick, Google chrome cast or any other local cast.

Terrarium TV for Android Box Installation

Terrarium TV has such a big library of content that users often get confused what to watch first. Terrarium TV has content from every genre and therefore most likely all the shows that one user likes will be there in Terrarium TV application. Downloading Terrarium TV application is very much simple. Terrarium TV supports both Android and iOS. Users can download the Terrarium TV apk file for android or download it directly from the play store. All the iOS users can simply download the Terrarium TV application from their Application Store.

The latest version of Terrarium TV runs perfectly on all Android devices like Android smartphones and android box. Here is the step by step procedure for downloading Terrarium TV to your android box. To play the video users should have a video player installed before going through with the following steps.

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  • The first thing users need to do is simply go to the Google Play Store on their android box and login with help of their email id and password.
  • Users can then simply go to the browser they have and search Terrarium TV and from there look for the apk file of the application. Simply download the Terrarium TV apk file on the device.
  • Now its time to check if there is MX Player preinstalled in the TV setup or not. If it is not preinstalled users need to go to Google Play Store and simply download and install the application.
  • Users then need to go to the downloaded apk file of Terrarium TV and install it on the android box. Once the installation is done users can run Terrarium TV


Features of Terrarium TV

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  • It provides entertainment on the go. Users can enjoy Terrarium TV anywhere at any point in time.
  • App has a huge library of Movies and TV Shows from which users can choose the one they like the most.
  • The search engine of Terrarium TV is very strong and by just a word Terrarium TV will show all the movies related to the word that is present in its library.
  • Supports chrome cast and all local cast.
  • The library of Terrarium TV is updated daily and users will never end up watching all of it.
  • All the videos that are streamed in Terrarium TV are of high definition which gives a better entertainment experience.
  • Terrarium TV notifies its users about all the new TV Shows and movies that are added to the library.
  • Terrarium TV offers an option of creating a list of TV shows and movies for the reference of the users.
  • Users can watch videos and even download it for offline mode absolutely free.


Terrarium TV is one of the best free streaming application in the market right now. If users are looking for a streaming application without spending a lot of money on subscription without having to compromise on the picture quality, then Terrarium TV is the answer. Download Terrarium TV today and change the way you watch TV

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