Vidmate APK is available all over the internet. If you are looking for the Vidmate application, then you are at the right place. A lot of people use this application now for downloading movies and music on their personal computer and mobile phones. This application could be very much handy for a lot of people because this application allows users to download videos, even when the website does not allow the download option. The file type of the Vidmate HD application is generally in APK format. This application falls under the category of video, music, and entertainment. This application is updated automatically and users will not have to think once when they are using it. The last time this application was updated was on 17 Feb, 2019. This application is now running in version 3.6512. The file size of Vidmate HD is less than 12 MB.

Download VidMate App 3.6512 [Latest] - Free Download APK

VidMate APK [Latest Update v3.6512  February 17, 2019]

Vidmate HD is basically a video streaming application which has become very popular in the past few months. This is an application which can be used on all the operating system like in Personal computer, iOS, and Android. You will be able to download all the latest TV shows and movies. This application also allows users to download and listen to all the latest songs and videos from all the top websites like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Facebook and YouTube. All these applications are very famous and a lot of people use them. These applications do not have the option to download all the songs and videos that the features in it so with the help of the Vidmate HD users will be able to download all the videos very easily. The best thing about this application is that it comes with an all-round features users will be able to download the videos at the same instance they are watching it.

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Features Of VidMate App

Vidmate HD application has become very popular in the past few years. There are a lot of features of this application which makes everyday life of the users easy. Here we have listed all the best features of the application:

  • The Vidmate app helps users to convert all the music video files into mp3 files so that they are able to enjoy it in their music player.
  • This application helps users support all the multimedia sites. Users will be able to download videos from other websites like Instagram, Daily Motion, Viemo, Tumblr and YouTube.
  • The Vidmate HD application does not cost anything and users will be able to download it for free. Users will not have to pay any money to buy any kind of subscription. This application is free for lifetime for all the users.
  • The Vidmate HD is an integrated downloader which allows all the users to download different games and applications at a very high speed which helps users to get a complete experience with one click in the Vidmate app.
  • Users will be able to download and watch all the videos from different applications. If users have this application, then they will be able to download all the latest movies for free.

How to use VidMate App in Android devices?

Vidmate is an application which is very much common in the Android platform. A lot of users use this application for enjoying movies and videos. Here we have listed down all the steps that users need to follow if they want the vidmate apk link.

  • The first thing that users need to do is download the Vidmate APK for all the different links which are available on the internet. All users need to do is simply click on the link and download the APK file. Once users simply click on the application they will automatically be able to download the APK file. 
  • Users then need to go to the settings of their mobile phone and click on security settings. Inside that setting, all that users need to do is simply enable installations from unknown sources. Enabling the settings will help users to install the Vidmate app on your mobile phone.
  • Now go the APK file which is already installed on your mobile phone. Click on the APK file and then follow all the steps which will be displayed on the screen. Once the installing is completed successfully users will be able to see the application on their home page.
  • Installation of Vidmate is completed successfully and users will now be able to launch the application successfully.

How to download and install VidMate App for PC- Windows 7/8/8.1/10?

Vidmate is an application which is basically a one-step solution for downloading and watching movies. Users will be able to download all the cool videos with the help of this application. 

Here we have given a step by step ways of downloading this application. Vidmate for PC is something which can be used with the Windows operating system simply. Vidmate HD:

  • The first thing that users need to do is install the application Blue stack. This application is available on the internet.
  • Once the blue stack is installed successfully users need to open the blue stack application and then download all the data and the application will start running.
  • Locate the application My Apps from the application support and then go to the supports app option which is there in the top of the frame
  • Click on my apps option and wait for it to start working
  • Select the downloaded Vidmate application link from the internet or from any link on the internet.
  • Vidmate will install itself and start running in no time.


There are a lot of features with the Vidmate HD application which is not mentioned here but is very much handy. People will be able to learn about all the features when they start using Vidmate. A lot of people are really interested in getting this application and this is why it has become so much popular recently. Make sure to read this article carefully if you are planning to download the vidmate HD application for windows make sure to use the Vidmate for windows keyword to search on the internet.