Every electronic gadget needs to get updated with time to function properly, likewise, your Amazon Fire TV stick also needs to be updated, updating also removes bugs, and introduces new functionality in the devices.

It’s easy to answer how to update Firestick if you have a good internet connection for the update, you just have to go through some steps.

This article will guide you on how to update Amazon Fire TV.

Update Amazon Fire Stick

When to Update Amazon Fire Stick

Your Amazon Fire Stick updates automatically when a new update is available and you have a good internet connection but if you want to keep this matter in your hand then you can manually update the device, a new update is released for Fire TV in a couple of months so you have to keep checking for the updates.

How to Update Amazon Fire Stick

If your Fire Stick device does not update automatically, then you can check for the updates manually in a very simple way.

This updating procedure is the same for all the models of Fire Stick.

  1. Open your Fire TV device, go to “Settings” with the help of the remote, and select it, the settings option is present at the right-hand side of the menu bar.
  2. Scroll to the right and select the “Device” option, it can also be labeled as “System”, or if you have a new device then select the “My Fire TV” option.
  3. From the list of options in the “My Fire TV” menu select “About”.
  4. Scroll down and select the software version.
  5. Now if your device is up to date then you will see an option “Check for update” in the About section, Select that. 

“If your device is not up to date or any update is available, then you will see “install an update.”

      6. After selecting Install an update, you will see a message on your TV screen saying the update will begin when the TV is idle and asking you to reboot your device to install the update.

       7. Press the “Select” button on the Fire TV remote and your TV will power off.

       8. Now the update will install on your device, wait for 10-20 minutes or it can also take more time if the internet connection is not good, do not unplug the power cable in this process otherwise you have to go through these steps again.

After this process, your device will be updated.

Now you can easily update your Fire TV device manually and you don’t need to wait for the auto-update.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I turn off automatic updates on my Fire TV?

Turning off automatic updates on Fire TV is very hectic, you need to go through
1. various steps to do so.
2. Enable ADB(android debug bridge).
3. Go to the settings on Fire TV, and select device, or system.
4. Scroll down and turn on the developer option.
5. Find the IP address of your fire stick assigned by the wifi network.
6. Install ADB on the computer and connect it to the IP address of your Fire Stick.
7. In Windows open command prompt.
8. In the command prompt type “ADB shell pm hide com.amazon.device.software.ota”.
9. Press the enter button, and your auto-update will be disabled.

Q2: My fire stick stuck while updating, what to do now?

Press the power button on your remote for 10 seconds then again press it for another 10 seconds, and also disconnect power from the device for some seconds and again connect the power.

Q3: How to check if my Fire Stick is updating automatically or not?

To check if your Fire Stick is updating automatically, look for new updates released and check whether these updates are available on your device or not, if not then you have to update your device manually.