ShowBox app is the best app to watch free movies and TV shows by streaming them for free to your laptop, mobile phone and TV. It is small, easy to navigate and has multiple links of all the best TV shows and movies. We’re going to tell you how to download ShowBox App, How to install ShowBox and how to get Show Box app to play your favorite TV shows and movies

How to Download ShowBox

ShowBox app can be downloaded from the internet through a quick Google search. Look up “ShowBox Apk Download”, and you should find an array of links to get the app. The apk file size is under 40 MBs, which means you should have the file downloaded in under 2 minutes. Make sure there is memory vacant on your Android before attempting download and installation.

Caution: As with any download you attempt from the internet, your device is at risk of a virus or malware download. It is important to keep your Android, PC and iPhone equipped with a good Anti-Virus, or at least scan a downloaded file before using or installing it. Also, only download things from a trusted website or service.

How to Install ShowBox on Android

Once you have the ShowBox apk file downloaded, follow these steps and you will be ready to watch movies and TV shows in under 2 minutes.

  • If you have downloaded the apk file on your PC or other device, transfer it now to your Android phone.
  • Go to Settings in your home menu.
  • Go to Security
  • In the list of options, look for “Unknown Sources” and enable it.
  • Now look for the downloaded apk file and tap it to run setup.
  • The app should come up with a screen listing the permissions required to run the app properly.
  • Go through the permissions thoroughly, and accept ONLY if you are OK with them all.

Your app will be installed in no time.

The most recent versions of Android come equipped with the ability to allow apks to be installed without disabling Unknown Sources for the entire device, so you can choose on a case-to-case basis. If your Android OS is version 8.0 or higher, you can skip the “Unknwon Sources” part and save even more time.

Note: It is desireable to run the app using a VPN to put a second layer of protection while streaming, especially if you’re going to use Torrents from any website or service, not just ShowBox. This is because you cannot be sure where the seeds have been stored and whether only the seeds are going to stream to your device, and not something unwanted as well.

Installing ShowBox on PC

There are quite a few ways to get the ShowBox app on your PC, but we like using BlueStacks the most. Bluestacks is an Android Emulator (a software that mimics Android on a different OS), and it is fast, free, efficient and has been tested by the community for several years now, receiving only positive reviews so far in all the crucial aspects. Here’s how to Download ShowBox for PC.

  • Download ShowBox apk file for PC by googling as before.
  • Next, download BlueStacks from their official website. It shouldn;t take more than a minute.
  • Install BlueStacks following the instructions of the Installation Wizard.
  • Once set up, drag and drop the apk file into the BlueStacks window or taskbar icon.
  • Installation will begin and be completed before you know it.

To use ShowBox on your PC, just launch Bluestacks and use the app like you would on an Android smartphone.

Can I Install ShowBox on my iPhone?

Well, yes and no. ShowBox apk file cannot be installed on an iPhone. But you can surely get MovieBox from Vshare, a kind of a sister app to ShowBox that is available for iOS devices only. It runs exactly as ShowBox, just under a different name. This is one thing which makes ShowBox superior to its competitors even among the free apps genre.

ShowBox app on Firestick, Android Box and other big screen Devices

There are a lot of ShowBox fans who routinely enquire if they can get the app on their respective devices that aren’t usually discussed. Let’s cover them quickly as well.

  1. ShowBox app on Fire TV Stick is possible. Amazon’s plu-and-play Fire TV Stick is comfortable installing apk files, which means you can use this amazing app as well.
  2. Android Boxes for TVs are used to play an Android OS on your big screens. The functionalities are the same as a smartphone. Download the apk file directly on the Android box for maximum ease, or use Google Drive or a USB to transfer it.
  3. All other devices from Roku, Playstations, Xboxes and others can play ShowBox IF they can install apk files on them. If not, see if you can find an emulator, or invest in a cheap Android Box.

What can ShowBox app do for you?

Here’s a quick list of all the many things this single app can provide. You might be surprised.

  1. ShowBox lets you watch the best movies and TV shows, and even download the content so you can enjoy entertainment even when you don’t have WiFi or an Internet connection.
  2. The app lets you keep track of gossip and news from the entertainment industry, be it movie star scandals, news about upcoming games and events or the movies to look out for in the coming weeks.
  3. You can keep a track on what’s new on TV with the “Airing Today” list.
  4. You get freedom from oppressive cable costs; you only need your internet connection after this. No Netflix or Hulu connections with their limited content needed!

Why ShowBox, you ask? Fair question, since there are so many other apps to try, from the very popular Netflix connection that you can access through browser as well, to Amazon Prime, Hulu and Crackle. There’s several benefits actually…

  • You can watch your content without needing to register or have a subscription, without needing to divulge any information about yourself.
  • Despite no account being needed, you can still access features that usually only come with having an account, such as bookmarking and favoriting, and keeping track of where you left off a series.
  • None of the apps curate news and gossip content from the internet for your consumption. ShowBox thus has a more engrossed experience to offer, should you desire it.
  • Not to mention, the service is free.
  • The content is much broader in scope and variety, compared to even Netflix and other apps which are limited to popular TV shows and movies, and a small garnish of original content.
  • Finally, content on ShowBox is updated far more quickly as compared to any other app, which means you get to watch TV shows and movies at the earliest.

Isn’t that quite something? Download ShowBox App now!