Terrarium TV for PC/Windows – Terrarium Tv for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Terrarium TV for PC is undoubtedly the best way to stream movies for free. PC screens being bigger than most smartphones and equipped with a lot more entertainment options, it can become an altogether different experience to watch your favourite movies on your laptop. Both Macs and Windows PCs can support Terrarium TV, although they do require some minor, completely safe tweaks. Here’s all you need to know about how to install Terrarium TV on PC.

About Terrarium TV for PC

Terrarium TV PC rolled out about two years ago, and it has been getting more popular by the minute, given that the app is free and also better equipped than both Netflix and Amazon Prime in terms of content. In fact, the sheer number of movies and TV shows the app has exceeds virtually every streaming app and service there is since the service collects links from innumerable websites.

Terrarium TV for Windows 10 download is available through several websites, but always remember to scan all files you download from the internet using a good anti-virus to eliminate the risk of malware infection. Let’s proceed to what you’ll get using the app.

terrarium tv for pc

Terrarium on PC: What would you get?

Getting the Terrarium TV app for your Windows or Mac PC ensures entertainment. Here’s all the advantage the service has over any other mainstream service.

  • Terrarium tv has more movies and TV shows than any other app or service.
  • There are multiple links you get to visit for the same movie or TV show episode, allowing you a much wider selection in terms of picture quality and file size.
  • To help people access their content faster and without buffering breaks, the best links in the regard are marked as “FastServer” to help you avoid a lot of trial and error.
  • Considerably fewer advertisements compared to any other free movie streaming service.
  • TTV allows you to choose from as many as 4 video players and player formats.

It is always suggested to Use a VPN while streaming videos. Use IPVANISH VPN for Fast, Safe & Secure Streaming.

Is Terrarium on PC safe to use?

Yes! 100%!

Terrarium TV works by collecting links to let you stream content from across the internet. The mediating software, such as Bluestacks, Andy and VMware are among the best rated software on the internet, used every day by countless Android app enthusiasts. The HD streaming links are worth their weight too. Plus, since the content usually has its file size mentioned in the name, the app poses no danger to your broadband data budget either, if you have one.

The app is also legal to use for personal entertainment. Commercial use is not authorized. Also, make sure the content you’re streaming is public domain. If you are the copyright owner of some content available on the app, look up the links, and contact the websites individually for removal of the content. TTV does not upload any content itself.

It is always suggested to Use a VPN while streaming videos. Use IPVANISH VPN for Fast, Safe & Secure Streaming.

Download Terrarium TV for PC using Bluestacks

Why Bluestacks? Well, the biggest reason is that the application has been reviewed very well, and has been around for years now, which makes it very reliable and safe. There are other alternatives you can use like Andy, known for its superior graphics for long (though that was challenged by the recent Bluestacks update).

The steps are almost the same and file sizes are comparable. Both Bluestacks and Andy are free to download and use. Let’s see how you can get these apps to play Terrarium TV on your Windows or Mac PCs.

  • Download Bluestacks from its official website. The Android Emulator is available for both Windows 7-10 as well as Mac OS, along with other Operating Systems. This shouldn’t take more than a minute or two, depending upon your internet speed.
  • Install the application ny running the setup. Your device may require restarting. IT is good to get it done and out of the way.
  • Next, login with a gmail account. You can use one you already use on an Android device to carry over settings and preferences, or create a new one if you want Bluestacks to have nothing to do with your main account. This step lets you access services like the Play Store, which you will need to download media players such as MX Player or VLC Media Player to run your content in the best possible way.
  • Download Terrarium TV apk file from the internet. Make sure to scan it before proceeding to the next step.
  • You can now either drag-and-drop the file to the Bluestacks Icon and queue it for download, or right click the file, click “Open With…” and choose Bluestacks in the menu. The app should prompt you to a download detail screen. Go through the permissions and Install if you agree.

That’s it! The app should be ready in no time!

You can then download a media player application of your choice from the Play Store, and you’re ready to play your movies on full screen, TTV style!

Terrarium TV for Windows 10 Download without Bluestacks

Some people prefer not to use an Android emulator on their PCs, and that’s perfectly OK. There’s a different method to use an Android app on your non-android devices, called a Virtual Machine. A great option for that is using VMware. Let’s proceed to the steps.

  • Download VMware Virtual Machine application from the web. It is free, just like Bluestacks and Andy.
  • Install the application. This shouldn’t take too long.
  • Now, to install Android on your PC. Download the latest Android OS on your PC. The file is not too big, so it shouldn’t take you very long to complete. As always, scan the file before attempting installation.
  • Next, launch VMware Virtual Machine. Go to Add Machine, and you should find Android OS in the list of options easily. Proceed with the installation. You’re almost done.
  • Once installed, you should be able to access a full Android OS on your Windows and Mac PC. The steps after this are the same as installing the app on a smartphone.
  • Download TTV apk file from the internet, scan it, allow apks from Unknown Sources and install the app.

Same as always, you can download a competent media player of your choice, and you’re ready to play your favourite movies right away!

Terrarium TV PC on VLC Media Player

Terrarium TV Android lets you play movies via VLC Media Player right away. But is there a way to use the TTV app to play the content on VLC Media Player for PC? Turns out, there is! Here’s how to go about it…

  • Once installed on your PC, run the Terrarium TV app. Open the movie or TV show episode you want to watch.
  • Click the play button to get a list of links, and select the one you like the best.
  • Tap it, and press “Copy Stream Link”.
  • Open VLC Media Player on your PC.
  • In the “Media” menu, go to “Open Network Stream”.
  • Paste the link in the URL box on the screen that pops up and presses Play.

That’s it! Your VLC Media Player will start to play the content as if it were stored in your PC’s memory. VLC Media Player is pretty great in terms of volume and play-speed control, as well as getting and playing subtitles in sync with the video.


Terrarium TV for PC is easily the best movie streaming app one could ask for. It is quick, full of amazing movies, and now that it can be installed on Windows and Mac PCs, it is the perfect replacement for the expensive Netflix connection. Get TTV for your PC right away; you won’t regret it.

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