In the daily life of any person watching television is a very important part. Different people are interested in different TV shows but the sad part is people can’t adjust their favorite television show timings according to their convenience. There are times that we all get too much engrossed in the work that we forget that we need some kind of entertainment in our life. Thanks to the fast-growing technology we are now able to watch our television show whenever we want.

Video entertainment is the best form of internet in the world right now. There are a lot of options when it comes to TV apps which everyone can enjoy on their Android TV, PC, Laptop or phone. Show box and Terrarium television are one of the latest apps in the market right now. Both Show Box and Terrarium TV come with an apk file and the apk for Terrarium TV is much lighter with respect to the Showbox apk file which makes a user with low memory space prefer Terrarium TV over Show box.

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Everything About ShowBox App

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Latest APK Version: showbox  v 4.93

APK size: 39.28 MB

Category: Movies & TV Shows

Minimum Requirement: Android 4.0+

Developer: Unknown Package

Name: com.tdo.showbox

Supported Devices: Android, Laptop, PC, Android Box


Advantages of a Showbox

  • The Show box has one of the biggest lists of TV Shows, movies, sports videos, animated series, and news video library.
  • The Show box is updated regularly and all the glitches are solved and the user experience gets better day by day.
  • The library of Show box gets regularly updated with new TV shows and movies being added everyday.
  • The app of Show box does not have any kind of in-between purchase option.
  • The picture clarity of Show box is really good and all the shows are streamed on high definition.
  • The best thing about the Show box is that the download speed in it is very fast compared to the other TV applications and then there is a wide range of languages from which the users will be able to choose from.

The Show box has all the best authentic links for the TV shows and movies which prevent harm to any smartphone or streaming devices.

Disadvantages of a Showbox

  • Show box is recommended to be used on laptop, PC or TV and not on mobile phones because it decreases the speed of the application on a smartphone.
  • This application Show Box takes up a lot of space in all the devices.
  • At times Show Box faces the problem of server being busy because of its high traffic.

Everything About Terrarium Tv App

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Latest APK Version: 1.7.4

APK size: 15.0 MB

Category: Movies & TV Shows

Minimum Requirements: Android 4.0+

Developer: Nitro Xenon

Package Name: com.nitroxenon.terrarium

Supported Devices: Android, Laptop, PC, Android Box


Advantages of Terrarium TV

  • Terrarium TV comes with a huge collection of movies from different genres which include romantic, action, animated and many more which help attract all kinds of viewers.
  • Terrarium TV has almost all the new and old TV Shows and movies in its library.
  • Users will be able to select all the movies and TV Shows which they want to watch later and maintain them in a form of a list.
  • The Terrarium TV supports both Google Chrome cast and Amazon Fire Stick
  • Users don’t have to pay any kind of extra charges in between the Terrarium TV app
  • This is a very good choice for all kind of viewers because of its diverse movie and TV Show list.

Disadvantages of Terrarium TV

  • The main problem with Terrarium TV is that it takes too much of space on the Android
  • The picture quality of the TV shows and movies that are streamed are not of high video quality.

When users will try to download their favorite TV show or movie it will take a lot of time.

online world of streaming application is increasing on a day to day basis. All the streaming devices are collecting videos, movies and TV shows from different platforms and streaming it to their viewers. In the competitive market of streaming applications, both Show box and Terrarium TV is competing to make a name for itself by trying to give their users a good quality of entertainment. Right now the online streaming application is used by people of all age groups. Since there are so many movie and TV show streaming applications it is hard to decide which one should be used from the user’s point of view.

The Final Verdict

Both Show Box and Terrarium TV have a vast library and is loved by different people. People choose the one which has their favorite show in it. Show Box is the one streaming app with a high video quality and Terrarium TV is a streaming app with normal video quality. In case of Show Box, the download speed of any application is very fast whereas in case of Terrarium TV the download speed is comparatively very much slow. Irrespective of the content if both Terrarium TV and Show Box are compared then Show box is the clear winner. The features of the Show box are much more effective for the users which make it a clear winner.

If you want to install a TV show and movie streaming application for your entertainment the first thing you need to figure out is what kind of shows are you interested in and what is your favorite genre of movies or TV shows. Once you have figured that out you can simply check both the library of Show box and Terrarium TV and find out which of the one application has a number of shows of your choice. Once you have figured it out it is not hard anymore to decide which you want to go for. Simply download the apk file of the application and install it and you are good to go from there on.